Over eleven years in the making! These two noise dynamos go head to head in an all out collaboration to the death.
Recorded in both France and USA, this long awaited album exemplifies the styles of both artists in both live and studio settings. Dark, brooding, collage, electronics & Musique concrète run rampant from side to side.

Edition of 250 copies, housed in 1960's Library heavy plastic jackets, with silk screened booklets of Bolus/Ortmann collages & drawings.

Panicsville and Evil Moisture have been haunting the world of noise for years with some of the most outright bizarre, composite and interesting releases. I'm always up to listening to new material by these two guys and it's usually a blast.
According to Nihilist Records' website this clash of Andy’s (Andy Bolus & Andy Ortmann) took more than eleven years to come out. It might seem an absurd lapse of time but total procrastination and absolute mess are key ingredients in noise music.
First track of this LP is a live collaboration recorded in Paris in 2007 and it starts on the quiet side. A throbbing mass of musique concrete-like sounds, metal junk manipulation and "delicate" synth creates a lively and fresh mix, paving the way to something worse and more aggressive. Indeed the weird dada junk soon gives space to heavily distorted contact microphones and synths paired by porn loops - making this my favourite part of this side of the record of course. Nothing new but it's good noise from two veterans of the trade, so I couldn't ask for much more. The quality of the recording is not the best and there's some clipping, but it didn't bother me much.
Side B consists in a mix of studio recordings and it's a beast of another kind. From Idiotic 80s pop music, mangled drum samples, mouth farts, bursts of harsh noise and general trigger-happy sampler galore to disquieting, distant and creepy unidentified noises and old school industrial-feeling loops: everything is skilfully mixed and blended in a few somehow coherent tracks, which is something to appreciate in this field. I especially like the extreme use of panning and the unrelenting and deliberate crippling of pop music matter. Some of the loops are greatly effective and catchy. I'm sure everybody can find some sounds to cling to and I didn't expect anything less from these two names.
I loved this LP and I thoroughly recommend it to lovers of cut-up based noise, old dada-influenced industrial and weird sounds in general.
Nicola Vinciguerra Jan.20 2013
Evil Moisture / Panicsville
Evil Moisture / Panicsville