Alex presents five tracks of synthesizer compositions fit for some lost Giallo or Italian Post-Apocalyptic Horror movie from the '70's
(or perhaps an alternate soundtrack to The Omen II)

Limited to 100 copies with J-card in norelco cases, professionally duplicated Chrome cassettes (yellow shells with black print).

Alex Barnett, with a short twenty minute cassette of music I would not easily expect on Nihilist. Armed with a bunch analogue synthesizers and a drum machine, he wanders into the world of cosmic music, like so many others, but Barnett even more taps into the vaults of Tangerine Dream. Fat synth lines and minimalist drum patterns. Very retro, more than his peers in Emeralds or Onetrix, but with some great arpeggio’s or sequencers. The b-side shows a more introspective side of the music. Very nice, although for the full cosmic effect things could have been longer. (fdw)
Alex Barnett
Alex Barnett