New Directions... offers the listener an unhealthy dose of challenging sounds for the new age. With contributions from some of today's forerunners in the Experimental scene, this boxset is sure to garner some new fans as well as satisfy the steadfast aficianados.
Each artist is represented with a sidelong track and 4" X 8" full color insert.
Contributors include: Mlehst, The Haters, Irr. App. (Ext.), Andy Ortmann, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, and an ultra-rare appearance from Mixed Band Philanthropist!

Limited edition of 100 copies in poly-vinyl cases, cassettes recorded on highest quality chrome, with silver print over black shells. This box is nearly sold out at the time of this listing.

Vital Weekly writes a lot about noise. The really loud ones are discussed by Jliat in his usual noisy and thus less understood manner, and the ones with some lesser noise (or more thought, whatever you want) by me, always interested in ‘New Directions In Experimental Music’, so I am delighted by this compilation: a box with three cassettes, and six bands. The real surprise here is the presence of Mixed Band Philanthropist, which we may loosely describe a side project of The New Blockaders. They had a LP in 1987 and a 7" in 2003 and now this piece, which still sounds like the Mixed Band: a quick montage of sounds and lots of spoken word. A piece that is both tiring and funny. The other side has a like wise collage type piece of music by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, but with more silent parts built in than with the Philanthropists. Irr.App. (ext) also has a piece that is alike some of his previous work, although emphasis lies more on the use of improvisation – the use and abuse of an acoustic guitar through various effects. Here on the other side we find The Haters, who have a piece which is not entirely like their omnious back catalogue. While heavily based on loops of sound, it has more depth then before. Surely there are blasts of white noise too, shrieks of feedback, but it stays on the mild side and makes a very fine piece. The final cassette has Mhlest, who have been quiet again, after a series of come-back releases. They/he performs a great, subdued piece of shortwave like sounds that are fed through a bunch of sound effects. A slowly moving beast. An excellent piece of music. Label man Andy Ortmann is the final musician and his work did already shift in recent years towards more indepth electronics and leanings towards the traditional musique concrete. Here he assembles a piece of synth based sounds which sound like a swarm of insects, with a great (because its mild) use of sound effects and a fine use of acoustic sounds. The verdict then: I am not sure if these six pieces are ‘THE’ new directions in experimental music, or perhaps extensions of an already traditional movement, starting with the musique concrete of the early fifties. No doubt its more like that actually. That says nothing about the quality of these pieces: these are great. Every single piece has a great quality and brings his own character to the table. An excellent package. (FdW)