Mama Baer (one half of the husband and wife duo, Kommissar Hjuler & Frau) who fit in perfectly with the absurdist likes of Sudden Infant or the Schimpfluch-Commune community.

Sounds like the recordings of some sick warden of some forgotten insane asylum, and with too much time on his hands, does a bit of manipulation just to make them even creepier and more unsettling than before for his preposterous perverted pleasure. The eroded clawing of bleeding fingertips compliment the delicate and agonizing moans that cascade through these rubber halls.

*NOTE: Not to be confused with the CD of the same name on Intransitive! That disc is a compilation, this LP is the full uncut, un-edited ASYLUM LUNATICUM.

Limited edition of 250 copies. Due out January 2011!
Mama Baer
Mama Baer