A review from Heathen Harvest.
Truly killer anarchist-themed electronics from this group. This group is as brutal as the groups who go around screaming about rape and dead bodies, but these guys have the balls to admit that they have some sort of human emotion about it all. Much like America's Shallow Waters, Kriminaaliset Metsanhaltijat perform music that reacts violently against the perceived ills of the world, such as corruption and greed within humanity. There is no thank you list, but a very long "hate" list is included, which is pretty well-rounded. In KM's sights there is just about every sort of control system, including cops, the government, mass media, "masonic conspiracy," transnational corporations, "stupid bullies and jesus christ," capitalism (the new villian on the block) and much more. I would guess that these guys might be a little bit Marxist because that is the one control system that is not mentioned whatsoever. They seem to be primarily against what they perceive as Nazis, which I would asume is much of the Power Electronics scene because there is a fold out mini-poster in the j-card that says "FUCK YOUR POWER ELECTRONICS!" under an old drawing of a fat man grinding a wheel over a bunch of corpses.
Regardless of political affiliation, this music is completely brutal and unrelenting. Lots of really intense "underwater"-sounding flanged-out vocals bubbling over into the syrupy mass of intense black electronics.

New artwork and RE-mastered by Andy Ortmann. Edition of 300 copies.

Due out Winter 2010!