Vital Weekly Aug. 08
Oakeater (very good to see some normally typed flyers for the label with this, other I couldn't have told it from the record cover), is a 'trio that is equal parts ritual ambient, black metal, industrial noise and demi-spell casting', and the members are active in other bands too: Seth plays in Coughs and Panicsville, Jeremy also in Panicksville and Alex is an ex member of Bret Gand Is Dead. They have released a bunch of cassettes so far and this is the first major release. I think the description given by the label covers quite well what is captured on this piece of vinyl. Mumbling esoteric voices, guitars lurk beneath the surface and at the end of side B, there is a minimal pulse groove. In the late 80s we would have called this 'ambient industrial' and certainly there can be traces to Contrastate or Illusion Safety - all in that period - and there is a certain undercurrent in this music which is not strictly my cup of tea, that is the ritualistic elements that they throw in, but Oakeater knows how to keep them under control.

Dark occult ambient from Chicago's blackest pit. This being their debut vinyl release, with two amazing side long tracks. Molech, is a bit of spellcasting ritual power, where Prophecy, comprised of only pump organs, creating dense textural soundscapes. Limited to 300 copies on 140 gram black vinyl.

Preorder now. Release date December '07.