Vital Weekly Aug.08
Matt Waldron's Irr. App. (Ext) has gained some reputation over the years, not just because of his solo work, but also his membership of Nurse With Wound. In his solo work he plays some rather dark atmospheric pieces of music, which in this new case isn't that drone based, but still rather subdued. Built from elements of improvisation on instruments we no longer recognize, heavily processed into a nice flowing piece of electronics slowly shifting about. Not a work that is a real surprise, but nevertheless a fine solid Irr.App. (Ext) piece. The Panicsville side shows them in a more improvised mood than a noisy one, which we might be used to with them. Like their main-man Andy Ortmann they too moved away from the strict noise happening in order to grow further and expand the possibilities of doing what is possible with sound. They remind me here of old Nurse With Wound, with scrapings, vague percussion interludes and swirling electronics based on wind instruments. The best thing I heard by them.

Over three years in the making! The venerable and exquisite Irr. App. (Ext.) create some of the most intriguing experimental work being produced these days, not to mention the amazing accompanying visual art of Mat Waldron which will make this release an instant classic. Panicsville delve deeper into a place of uncharted plasma coated dreams, to deliver a surrealistic soundtrack for decaying matter.

This LP is in an edition of 500 copies pressed on 140 gram marbled vinyl, housed in pro-pressed jackets.
Irr. App. (Ext.)