From ARTHUR Magazine March '08:
Nondor Nevai, by all accounts, should not still be alive. It's very possible he isn't. We first caught sight of him on the infamous "free-glam" tour of To Live & Shave In L.A. a few years back. He was a ferocious black metal scum bandit raging way past the band's set with unbridled drum pounding and sweaty headbanging insanity. He made fellow bandmates Weasel Walter and Misty Martinez appear absolutely docile. All we know is ex-Chicago resident Jim O'Rourke claimed the best band name ever in Chi-town was Nondor's legendary and infamous Vagiant. So we had hoped to hear Vagiant as a recording session happened but it never was released. As neither was the Aborted Christ Childe LP that Tom Smith was to release. One other Nondor group called Hatewave, again with Weasel Walter, did release a CD and it's one of the best outsider sick-metal projects out there, though "true" black metal freaks are oblivious to it for reasons of elitism inherent to the genre. But trust us who listen outside the box, It destroys. [The Hatewave cd out on tUMULt records is Weasel's fault. For my predecessor to this band consult APOP records' forthcoming Hatewave Demo cd ~NN] Anyway, Nondor is a satanic power metal freak of nature and we just found the compilation of his lost and sundry works as produced by Weasel on the Nihilist label. It's titled The Best Of Nondor Nevai and it is crushing, hilarious and delivers the damaged goods. Available only on cassette, keeping it out of sight to aboveground ears, it features tracks from the unreleased Vagiant, VVarvolk and Aborted Christ Childe LPs. A lot of Beefheartian voiced ruminations on straight up boner-boy sex with a shot of art history thrown in. Fucking weird and fucking awesome. From the liner notes: "Nevai has manipulated the very fabric of reality to create his work, and as a result, documentation has been scarce. Much of his legend exists thusfar in the domain of oral history and rumors. Equal parts GG Allin, Otto Meuhl, Andy Kaufman, Kim Fowley, Ted Kaczynski, Charles Ives, Gurdjieff and Dennis Hopper. Nevai has fucked with death and survived so many times that we must regard him as superhuman. What you will hear on this release are the ravings of a madman, drunken with lucidity." ~Weasel Walter