This is the debut release on Nihilist for M.R. although he has appeared on Panicsville's "Perverse" & "Sterile" cds, as well as designing the artwork for the Imperfection of the Organism LP (SNSE). M.R. is one of the greatest artists of our time, with hundreds (literally) of unreleased albums. The music herein are some of the best examples of collage, electronics, noise & other uncategorizeable sound work. Why then, you may ask, have I never heard of Michael Roulade before?
Well, I feel that the world has not yet been ready for Roulade or his ideas. The text that adorns the inner J card only exemplifies this point.
You will most assuredly be thrilled with this release, as are we, only to be followed up with a forthcoming 10 C-48 boxset further documenting the cryptic creative output of Michael Roulade.
This release is in an edition of 50 copies!