Vital Weekly Review Aug. 2008
There is information on only two of the three releases here, and I think I do know who Thurston Moore is, but Graham Moore? 'The fine performer, song writer, and writer of folk musicals'? Another problem arises when to detect which side is by whom. Looking at the run out grooves and seeing how the record slips out of the cover, divided by status of the artists, I think Thurston is on side A, and Graham on side B. I might be wrong, judging by the feedback I heard on Graham's myspace. I am not a detective, bloody hell. The a-side, perhaps the Thurston one, is one piece of harsh noise, going through various stages, the rumble at first and then up the land of feedback. Not exactly music to wake up to, but at least you are awake. The other side is more subtle, more a collage of various noise based sounds, but with more dynamics applied to the various stages of mixing these sounds. The more interesting angle of noise for me. Maybe the artists are switched around - but it wouldn't change my review of it.

A collossal meeting of the Moores! Thurston Moore (Ecstatic Peace label dude and Sonic Youth frontman) goes head to head with Graham Moore (TLASILA, Black Meat and Blossoming Noise label CEO) for a no holds barred noise attack! Thurston delivers a scathing 24 minute opus of gut twisting skin scraping skree. Graham takes a more collage style approach to his side using everything from body belching to a touch of classical avant abstract. Initial pressing of 500 copies of marbled 140 gram vinyl with pro-pressed jackets. Shipping the third week of May.