Also on Nihilist Recordings is a new mini CD by label boss Andy Ortmann who plays four tracks together with John Wiese, who is the man of fame in the world of guitars and noise these days. Ortmann used to call himself Panicsville, but these days wanders around under his own name. One might easily think that this would be the full on noise for some twenty odd minutes, but actually it's not really much of that. Its music that appeals to loud noise music, but it's rather a forcefull twist of electro acoustic music than pure noise. The sampled sound of acoustic sounds is set against some nasty frequencies in 'Last Days For Haas', but in the three other tracks they present a rather playful collage of sounds, that works quite well. Things even drop to a point when it's actually 'quiet', is that something easy to imagine? This is a mighty fine work. Not too long, not too short. Just fine enough. -Vital Weekly
--------------------------------------- When not busy being an awesome radio DJ, Andy Ortmann is busy being an awesome and crazy noise dude. Recently, he took time off from Panicsville to collaborate with fellow noisemeister, John Wiese. Focusing on less harsh tones, as well as dark ambient drones, musique concrete and field recordings, Recorder Out of Tune is a short but incredibly effective EP. I havenít been so scared of a recording since Lull & Lustmordís Stalker, and thatís saying a lot. I recommend listening to this album in the dead of night with all the lights off and the volume up. Just be prepared for all the nightmares it will likely induce. Totally weird and harsh collaboration from these two ex-St.Louisans. Collage, electronics, ambient-soundscapes are only the beginning of this monstrous release. This album truly exemplifies the communicative skills from these long time collaborteurs. Essential!
Andy Ortmann/John Wiese