Most hateful guy in Detroit (that I know anyways...) picks up where Let Me Die shoulda kept going! Bleak, hopeless, electronics, disdain, yet smugly sardonic. Dubbed on the highest quality chrome cassettes, hand engraved/numbered edition of 100 copies. Art designed by Gary B., sealed/stamped with red wax seal. Mammal Repulsion (Demo) [Nihilist , 2006] This is yet another ugly two-track spillage from Detroit’s one-man walking bummer. Those of a more receptive disposition are setting themselves up for a ruined day. The finished take of the title track, entitled “Repulsion(demo)” is the cleaner of the two pieces here. Leaking a hobbled note that shifts itself ever so slowly into both channels, the song moves into a charred distended groove. As this pulse / squelch grows in volume, a lone bass note strum picks up the melodic end. Crackling falters of smoke fill out the screen as accompanying blasts stretch out into another jigsaw piece of a DIY pattern. As with most Mammal material, this is relentlessly heavy and oppressive in its single-mindedness. No prize for guessing that the flipside’s “Revelation 6:8” is the equivalent to anal sex, compared to the A’s heavy petting. It’s possible to see the direct link between these twins but the demo comes out on top through sheer ugliness. Mammal seems to have a real gift for this vein of dreadfulness and the messy sonics of the cassette format match him perfectly. This example of the rougher demo being better than the finished effort will hopefully see even more degradation next time around. -Stylus Magazine