Is there a such thing as a post-Panicsville/-Negativeland/-Residents/-Secret Mommy band? Well, if there is, Broken Penis Orchestra be thy name. Testicle Difficulties is sampledelica minus the funk, noise minus the static, orchestral/neo-classical minus the maestro. And they’re from Edmunds, Wash.! Not too shabby … What I must emphasize first is how listenable TD is to Gumshoe’s skronk-caked ears. Far from a collection of bent circuits, unrelated clips, frayed wires and blown electrical outlets, Testicle Difficulties balances the subtle and the brain-draining skillfully, reveling in what sounds like a zipper being unzipped one moment, a mental patient moaning the other. That doesn’t sound too SUBTLE, does it? Bear with me. Every time you think the proceedings can’t get any more raucous, the floodwaters recede and a tiny, pulsing, nebulous stream of quiet-glitch leads you to a larger stream of neon-pink current. Or something like that. Testicle Difficulties is both a hog-butcher’s dream and a kitten-lovers first playful paw-scratch in the morning, ripe, raw and wriggling like a worm on a hook. I must say I prefer the instances wherein Dick Flick and company — that’s the bandleader’s name; jealous? — settle into a nice gravy groove. It doesn’t happen too often, but it does happen (for a more mellow sound sculpture, check out the MP3 link up-top), though it’s tough to believe that when your getting repeatedly stabbed in the face (Wolf Eyes/Panicsville style; this record IS on Nihilist). I wish the cover art photo above was a little more close-up. There are some funny illustrations/asides, including the many uses of discarded testicles. THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PEOPLE!

Dick Flick conductor in chief, displays a wild and twisted array of sound collages that pull your ears through your brain and back again, (not unlike early Negativland or Nurse With Wound). This is the debut LP for B.P.O. and will be a limited pressing of 300 copies on 152 gram black vinyl.
The Broken Penis Orchestra