A paranoid view of insufferable pain from a hospital bed. Fear never sounded so good, (or hurt so bad). Sterile delivers a heavy dosage of frequency induced hallucinations and nerve shattering waves of electronics. Featuring an exclusive video from the Stabbed in the Face sessions by Chicago underground film-maker, Usama Alshaibi. This is the essential sister album to Imperfection of the Organism (SNSE) packaged in silk screened white vinyl pouches. Are you ready for your shot? This is gonna hurtů Order now!
Andy Ortmann = Panicsville and he is one of the more interesting people of the US noise scene. Unlike many starters Panicsville is no longer concerned with putting a big mess of noise and putting them in an endless stream of sound effects, but rather using electronics, magnetic tape, voices and metal scraps and coming up with a much more delicate, yet noise related sound. This is where collage, industrial music, musique concrete meet up with psychedelic music. His use of echo and reverb over loosely improvised electronics make it much more cosmic and much less into a mindless noise trip. I know it's probably no ok to say that noise music can be pleasent to hear, but in this case, I can easily state it's a nice CD with a surprisingly good example of noise music. (FdW)

:: VITAL WEEKLY, The Netherlands
num. 406, wk. 3