The much anticipated & definitive ABBA tribute is here!

   Your favorite ABBA anthems are distorted, decapitated and reborn by artisans of the most elite order.

   Amongst these are: Sudden Infant (also: schimpfluch gruppe), Evil Moisture, Canned Hamm, Guilty Connector, Ungrateful Deadbeats (also: strangulated beatoffs), Sockeye, Kazumoto Endo, Mangenerated, Vertonen, Plastic Crimewave Sound, VIKI, Spider Compass Good Crime Band (also: Caroliner), Gunshop, Foamula (also: metalux/magic is küntmaster), Absorb, Irr.App(ext.), and more! Packaged in opaque black jewel cases with information booklet, limited to 500 copies.
The fact that I think Abba (like The Beatles) belong to the very very best popmusic ever brought forward is not really important for you to know when I start talking about this compilation, which comes from the same house that first brought a tribute to the B52s (see Vital Weekly 299). Because I like poking fun, even with the best and that's what this compilation is quite good at: poking fun with original Abba songs. Most of these people use (excerpts of) the originals and plunder them. If you want to pay tribute to 'S.O.S.' (my alltime favourite Abba song) you play some 's.o.s.' sounds and you put on a big noise thing in 'Thank You For The Music' or 'Rock Me'. But it's a varied bunch. Foamula cover 'Chiquitita' (the reverse of 'S.O.S.' - thank you) in a sort of sing-songwriter mood, with bad voices. A cross-over between Abba and The Beatles is made in Canned Hamm's 'Does Your Mother Know', fading in 'Your Mother Should Know'. My favourites are the track by I & Makoto, who cover 'Eagle' in a heavenly way. Spacious use of the voices (from the original?) and likewise ambient backdrop and Body Tong's rendition of 'Lay All Your Love On Me' in a guitar setting with weird electronic background. The noisier outings by The Rib, Sudden Infant or Guilty Connector are not well-spend on me on the other, too obvious and too simple. But a varied bunch and a feast to try and recognize the originals - if you know them and/or maybe enjoy them if you dislike the originals. (FdW)

:: VITAL WEEKLY, The Netherlands
num. 406, wk. 3