Named in the tradition of vintage electronic bands, Death Squad communes deeply with the tried and true on their Last Stand CD (Nihilist/Menschenfeind) - the impersonally fluttering, between-stations-noise of “Live at Leeds 4/15/00” bedrocks several classic moves: a recontextualization of police dispatch and doomsday religious prophecy; a brutally confrontational abduction performance in which a “psychopath” screams instructions at a woman who could “walk out the fuckin’ door,” as anyone could, if only she would say “my mommy is a fuckin’ whore”; and death threats and instructions to commit suicide yelled through harmonizers and pitchshifters by a fucked-up nutjob who mixes profanity with proclamations of Godhood. A four and-a-half-minute film included on the disc, Fratricide – A Study in Self Destruction originally shot by the U.S. Army when they accidentally blew up friendly targets that one time (the price of doin’ business, Private), reminds us how pussified cable television has become. In it’s opaque black jewel box- a mirrior image of Michael Nine’s soul, yes, indeed- Last Stand does not tolerate doubt that this army of one is as serious as a heart attack.

:: Seymour Glass

Death Squad
Death Squad