On the Action Without Consequence seven-inch, which Panicsville shares with Brain Transplant, the former’s “Day Action” presents select excerpts from stealthy infiltration of a Burroughs adding machine assembly plant – vast drums of liquid paper tumble unevenly with the addition of Ortmann’s left sneaker and dispenses tainted white dribbles, hardening too fast due to formula corruption, crackling and baking at room temperature. “Night Action” is not a cover of a tune by Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band, but a duet for Theremin and ambient sounds of the woods surrounding North Dakota’s biggest hydro-electric plant. On the flip, Brain Transplant’s “Wax & Wane” automates and erotic massage clinic inside a bottle with erudite error alerts from Speak ‘n’ Spell, while “Tonal Destruction” loads videogame laser cannons with synthesized anxiety.

:: Bananafish

Brain Transplant