5” vinyl is so nice, so short and so hard to play. John Wiese & Panicsville share a 5” vinyl. John’s side is on 45 rpm, so it’s even shorter. A full side of noise & feedback. Panicsville’s “It’s Better To Give Than To Receive Pain” is a wild collage of noise & some strange cut up of music, funny item.

:: Frans de Waard
Vital Weekly

    When I say 5” vinyl, I mean it! This thing is, well, small. Very inventive packaging, which is what can be expected of Nihilist. If you got through my review of the Panicsville full length, then just apply it to their side of this slab. While possibly even a bit more lo-fi than what I heard before, it fits right into the psychotic electronic style I was expecting. The John Wiese side is pure electronic noise in the finest tradition. This side rolls at 45 (the Panicsville is at 33), so the squelches and yelps bursty past at a fair clip, Pretty cool. Actually the entire execution here is pretty cool. Weird, certainly, but quite impressive. I wish 5” vinyl held more sound.

:: Aiding & Abetting
July 4, 1999

John Wiese