Alrighty then! If you thought my review of American Power (another Nihilist outfit) described some truly warped minds in full expression mode, well, here’s Panicsville. Disjointed beat noodlings with all sorts of sampled and instrumental effects. Trust me: This does not make sense. And there really is no way to find coherence. Once you let go, though, and simply sift through the madness, well, a semblance of order emerges. Semblance in the loosest sense of the word. After all, this is lunacy. Strangely attractive lunacy, mind you, the sort of psychotic ramblings which can make for best sellers in the book world. Books, of course, are things utilized by generally thoughtful people. Think of this as meta-fiction for the electronic set. Meta-electronics, perhaps. Oh, what am I doing? Justifying the sheer madness which exists here? Well, I can do that in a heartbeat. But I really cannot explain it. Some things just have to be experienced, if only by the brave. If you dig this, then you may consider yourself a pioneer of the music underground.

:: Aiding & Abetting
July 4, 1999

    Well these guys used two pieces of wood and some binder clips to create a cover. The art was glued to the front lyric booklet onto the inside of one of the pieces of wood. Musically, this is artsy, electronic noise, with poetry like vocals multi-layered for an aural experience. Irritated the hell out of me listening to this!

:: Flipside magazine