The first single Iíve needed a wrench to open (those things that look like bolts on the sleeve? Theyíre bolts). Simply more from the St.Louis scene which spawned Dazzling Killmen, etc. (Tim Garrigan is nice enough to provide that link for me).

Two instrumental pieces which I think ought to be played at 33 (though they sound pretty cool at 45 as well). Thereís no note; you can go figure on your own. Drums, guitar, bass. Thatís it. Noodlings of the highest order, as would be expected.

Iím quite glad I wrenched open the cover. Well, anything which has a promo sticker reading ď Ex-Dazzling Killmen Ex-You Fantastic! Ex-Pound of Flesh Exciting!Ē really does demand some attention. Or a lot, if youíre like me. Thatís my story, and Iím sticking to it. Nothing more to say, except you better start digging into your tool chest.

:: Aiding & Abetting
Feb.8, 1999