You know how it is when you read a mail order catalog - packaging described as "special" & costing an extra $10 turns out to be a manila envelope with a $1.25 color photocopy from Encyclopedia Britannica glued to it. Either that or "special" reverts back to its euphemistic connotation, as in "fucking retarded packaging." While it may be momentarily diverting to ponder some half-wit who doesnít know any better hand-assembling a masterpiece of inept design with the executive touch of a kick-boxer, after about the twentieth fatuous surcharge, the noise enthusiast has a right to demand more, especially since the anti-record scene seems to have utterly passŤ. If anyoneís going to change the understood implication of "special," itís going to be the Nihilist label. A seven inch by Pound of Flesh, it was decided, would be released on clear vinyl in a clear plexi-glass box that had been fabricated with an inside dimension of six & seven-eighths inches across, which means that someone had to saw a sixteenth of an inch off of 300 records just to get them to fit into the god-damned handmade boxes. Now thatís special packaging. It also comes with a color acetate depicting genital inversion diagrams, limb separation & Caspar the Masturbating Ghost in a stained glass style mosaic. Audio-wise itís a tankard of overchurned noise that alternates between unicyclists trying to play bullhorns Š la trained seals, fucked up larvae applying military precision to freeform binge/purge & spiritual whispers of perversity metamorphosing into knockout escalators to the electronic bell tower. Hoo Yeah.

:: Bananafish 1998

Pound of Flesh