Debut release by Bethany Schmitt (aka The Buttre$$) utilizing nothing but an EMU modular synthesizer, the Buttre$$ forges a tight set of six severe tracks of electronic shrapnel.

The Butre$$ is one Bethany Schmitt, who gets credit for playing synthesizer on this release and apparently recorded six pieces. Its hard to see where a piece begins and ends here. A short tape with lots and lots noise based synth outbursts. Its in general not the sort of thing I would really go for, but there is a certain aspect that I like about. Partly because it sounds like a cut-up and not like the usual wall of distorted feedback, but more like bits of tape stuck together and some additional echo machine and partly because its short. With noise, I think the impact is better when things are shorter - rather a punch in the nose than endless slapping in the face, if you know what I mean. So The Butre$$ gets a thumbs up here.

The Buttre$$