Nihilist goes Digital 2013-02-13
After years of standing against the modern world, the entire Nihilist catalog is being made available via Bandcamp. Starting with the most recent releases and working backwards, we will be bringing you countless Out of Print titles
(and in some cases un-released titles made available for the First time).

Check it here:

Brett Naucke LP + Sale + Updates 2013-02-06
Nihil 77
 photo nihil77web_zps54f1286f.jpg

The Visitor will be arriving February 12, as the official release date. In Chicago, you can catch the record release show at The Burlington on Feb.11, with COIN (Mike Vallera's new project) & JEREMY FISHER.
This will also be the first Nihilist release as a digital download!

Nihil 78 / 79 are currently at the pressing plant, and a May Day 2013 release date is projected. The Evil Moisture - Panicsville LP will be packaged with an elaborate 16 page multi-colored silk screen booklet featuring drawings and collages by
Bolus & Ortmann.

Valentine's Day SALE!
To spread some Love, Nihilist is having a Valentines Day sale. All orders are 40% off from now until Feb.14th ! This also goes for distro titles.
(Brett Naucke's "The Visitor" LP is excluded from the V-day sale)

Nihil 76 out now! Plus Tour info 2011-11-26
The Buttre$$ debut is NOW available (more info at Records page).

2012 West Coast Tour scheduled for Andy Ortmann / MV Carbon.
Jan.6 Los Angeles at Handbag Factory
Jan.7 Oakland CA at Terminal
Jan.8 San Fransico CA at The Lab
Jan.10 Portland OR
Jan.11 Seattle WA

Ortmann / Vida LP Out Now! 2011-08-23
Photobucket This LP is now available. Order now!

Summer of Nihilism 2011-07-25
Casual Encounter,Tony Janas,Alex Barnett

Come be the first to scoop up the latest batch from Nihilist!
Alex Barnett, Casual Encounter & Anthony Janas all perform for the release show, this Wednesday in scenic Pilsen, Chicago.

The Andy Ortmann / Ben Vida LP is right around the corner...

NEW NIHILISM 2011-07-23
Out now!

-Fielded / Alex Barnett split LP
-Casual Encounter debut Cassette
-Anthony Janas debut Cassette

Sound samples for each on the "records" page

New Ortmann release Now Available 2011-06-16
New double C-30 from Andy Ortmann "Occultronics" is an all analog modular synthesizer exploration into the electronic darkness. Another example of astounding packaging from Bennifer Editions (Canada) to add to their notch belt of exceptional presentations! Limited copies available through Nihilist for $15.

Limited to 98 hand numbered copies.

New Directions Review 2011-02-07
A thoughtful review by Sound Projector (UK)

Nondor Nevai interview 2011-01-28
An uproarously unparallelled insight into Nondor Nevai:
From the Village Voice

New Releases for a New Year 2010-12-28
Mama Baer "Asylum Lunaticum"
The Mama Baer LP has seen a slight delay, and will now be released end of January 2011 (due to printing). The vinyl is complete and sounds great!

Other titles on the horizon include:
ANDY ORTMANN / BEN VIDA Split LP (all analog electronics)
ANDY ORTMANN "Composition For Four Motorcycles and Four Synthesizers" Quadraphonic LP

with some other surprises scattered throughout the year...

Alex Barnett (Nihil 71) new review 2010-08-01

Pre-Order Now RAGLANI / OUTER SPACE LP 2010-07-23
J.Kannapell artwork
Calling all synth fanatics!
This new split LP delivers on every possible level. Gushy gooey oozing swells and drips all over your turntable and melts brains like only aliens know how. More info and sound samples on the "records" page. Pre-Order now! Release date 8-19-10.

Nihil 70 OUT NOW! 2010-06-22
Nihil 70 is now released and begins shipping this week. Quantities are extremely low, so please check for availability before ordering.
In other news, the Raglani/Outer Space split LP is at the plant and should see an August release date.

PANICSVILLE is scheduled to play on August 17th in Chicago at The Mopery with Jenny Graff (Metalux) and others. More details as they come in regarding this rare appearance.

WFMU compilation CD out now! 2010-04-21
I am proud to announce that a CD I put together for WFMU's Pledge Drive in conjunction with my podcast THE ETERNAL NOW, is back from the plant. There is an amazing lineup on this disc including CURRENT 93, COSTES, CHOP SHOP, BORBETOMAGUS, XEX, WHITE CAR, KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN, VOLCANO THE BEAR, IRENE MOON, MAGAS, THE BROKEN PENIS ORCHESTRA, WEASEL WALTER & many others.
All tracks are exclusive to this disc, which is NOT for sale. They can only be obtained through WFMU. The CD is titled Soundtrack to Infinity
Artwork by Jeremy "Ghost Ice" Kannapell.

Nihil 63 Drumm Wiese LP Out Now 2010-04-20
The long awaited arrival of the Drumm Wiese LP has come to an end. All pre-paid orders will be shipping this week.
The New Directions in Experimental Music box set is in production and should be shipping in 2-3 weeks.

As some of you may have heard, we were going to be releasing a split LP betwixt Raglani and Workbench, this is no longer the case. The split is now Raglani and Outerspace! Outerspace is a synthesizer/sequences project of John Elliot of EMERALDS. I have heard some rough cuts of this LP and am more than excited about this new incarnation of this LP.

Pre-orders are now being taken for the above LP at $15 per as well as the KRIMINAALISET METSÄNHALTIJAT "NATO" CD for $13.
More updates in the coming weeks.

Pre-orders and new Broken Penis review 2010-02-11
Here is a very nice review of the Broken Penis Orchestra LP
"Testicle Difficulties"

nihil 63 Kevin Drumm John Wiese collaboration LP 500 copies on black vinyl housed in matte pro-pressed jackets. Cover art by Alex Decarli Audio samples here: Accepting pre-orders now (Release date: March 2010) $19.75 postage paid International orders please add $13.00

nihil 70 New Directions In Experimental Music Featuring new/exclusive compositions by Mlehst The Haters Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock Mixed Band Philanthropist Irr. App. (Ext.) Andy Ortmann Triple C-30 housed in vinyl poly box with multi-color silk screened cover artwork. Art/info inserts by each artist as well. Hand numbered edition of 100 copies. $42.35 post paid in USA International orders please add $11 Release date: Late March 2010 Pre-orders accepted now.

New Panicsville LP, Drumm?Wiese update + 2010-01-25
Panicsville has a brand new album coming out SOON! It is on Smelderina-rima (Belgium) and is titled "A Dragonfly For Each Corpse".
These tracks range from 2001-2008, and are compiled compilation tracks which were either never released or released in such an absurd manner that noone would ever hear them... Collaborative parties on this album include MV Carbon (Metalux), B9 InVid (Luftwaffe), Josephine Foster (Children's Hour), Thymme Jones (Cheer Accident), Seth Sher & Jeremy Fisher (Oakeater, Ga'an).
This will be lavishly issued as an LP and 7" (pressed on 180 gram vinyl) set in multi-color silk screened sleeves! The test pressings were just approved, so it shouldn't be too long now.

Panicsville is also playing our first show in well over a year. Here is a flyer for those who may want to make the drive. Panicsville lineup: A. Ortmann, J. Fisher, S. Sher Photobucket

We have several new titles in stock from Second Layer, Blossoming Noise and Cold Spring in the distribution section! Feel free to shop at will.

And finally, the Drumm/Wiese LP is currently being cut and will be getting pressed next month (Feb.) Pre-orders will be announced soon.
Hope you're having a wonderfully wicked winter.

Panicsville + Frankie LP review 2009-10-20
From Vital Weekly:
Quite a heavy bunch of stuff here. There is a split LP, a bonus CDR with remixes/reworkings of each other and a MP3 with the source material for the side by Frankie & The S.E.M.M. That source material was recorded at 'the luxurious hotel Auburn in San Francisco Soma district', which apparently isn't the nicest neighborhood in town. In 1999, in the middle of the night two guys start an argument, which explodes in a lot of 'fuck you' and the word 'stunt' can be picked up. Frankie & The S.E.M.M. add lofi synthesizer or suppressed feedback to the material. I actually enjoyed hearing it as I thought it was hilarous (though I am glad not have been present that night), but I am not sure if its the kind of stuff I would play a lot. I can imagine this to be a great side for unaware guests. The Panicsville side has three pieces that were originally released as a cassette, and an unreleased piece. Its been a while that we associated Panicsville with pure noise and that is also not the case here. Even when the cassettes from 2005, this material already forecasts his interest in musique concrete and analogue synths and these four pieces are quite nice experimental music pieces. Roughly shaped musique concrete mixed with likewise rough edges of cosmic music. Panicsville rework Frankie into a silly 'dance' piece with those obscured sounds from the sources, which is actually quite nice. And silly. In return Frankie deconstructs Panicsville into 96 small pieces of sound, which sound actually like one piece, being cut into 96 tracks, but I'm sure were are supposed to play this in a random order. The material is even more low graded resolution than the original. Nice, but a bit long - almost fifty minutes. The source stuff is nice too, but perhaps to listen once or use in your DJ mix. (FdW)

WFMU Podcast Launch this week! 2009-10-11
After four years of being away from Jersey City, NJ and several months of preparation, I am pleased to announce the exultant return of THE ETERNAL NOW!
This show will be aired every Wednesday, beginning Oct. 14, 2009.
Here's a brief synopsis of what is in store: A comprehensive exploration of contemporary experimental, psychedelic, noise & other obscure music. Hosted by Andy Ortmann (curator of the Nihilist Records label and member of longtime noise project Panicsville and psychedelic warlords, Plastic Crimewave Sound) presenting his obsessive perspective on the new difficult music. Peripheral and relating genres, including ethereal, electronic & extreme metal should also be expected in this weekly program. Sit back and relax into the hallucination amplification of The Eternal Now.

Nihil 62 Out Now + restock 2009-08-25
Panicville/Frankie & The SEMM split LP out now (co-released with Top Quality Rock & Roll). See records page for audio samples and more info.
Ortmann "Provocative Electronics" LP is now back in stock from Berlin (PAN label). These are the final copies available, otherwise SOLD OUT.

New 12" + distro update 2009-02-19

The VVARVOLK / Fashion Dictator 12" is right on schedule and should see a March 3, 2009 release date. Fashion Dictator is the moniker for Andy Ortmann's electronic dance project, fusing minimal synth aesthetics with the upbeat tempo of Italo disco while laced with transgressive lyrical content. Vvarvolk, conceived by Nondor Nevai and Weasel Walter, is a pummelling combination of blast beats and heavy military artillery and vokill attack.
Definitely one of the stranger Nihilist releases.
Fashion Dictator plays a record release show for the 12" March 19 in Chicago at Subteranean.

Further additions have been made to the distribution section including new releases by Prurient, Sutcliffe Jugend, Merzbow, etc...

CABLES LP out now + new 12" 2008-12-29
CABLES is now ready to ship! Limited to 100 copies and going fast.

Hitting 2009 with treads at full speed, the FASHION DICTATOR / VVARVOLK split 12" is heading to the plant the first week of January.
(VVARVOLK Weasel Walter and Nondor Nevai's Industrial band).
Here is a video:

New Ortmann Interview 2008-12-12
Here is a new interview from a magazine by a French dude. It's called CONTENT.

New Non Nihilist 2008-12-01
Ultra rare deluxe split CD-r of Panicsville and Masonic Youth (ultra obscure project from the Netherlands). Radical Matters (Italy), presents this painfully limited package in an edition of 50 copies, and comes with commemorative buttons by each group in a multi-panel "pop-up" style digi-pack to boot. Panicsville personnel for this exclusive mammoth 30 minute occultronic track are Andy Ortmann, Jeremy Fisher & Seth Sher. Evidently, this is also a posthumous final release for Masonic Youth.
Contact for more information & availability.



Next up is the Andy Ortmann "Provocative Electronics" LP, released on the new UK label PAN. This is the first of an ongoing series of all out synthesizer & electronic music releases.
Limited to 330 copies with a very limited amount of special edition copies (30 to be exact) with a 3" CD-r of six supplemental exclusive tracks. More info at

And lastly is a split LP betwixt Panicsville & Frankie & the S.E.M.M. Panicsville presents "Brain in the Cat" , three mind ripping tracks previously unreleased on vinyl, plus a remix of AOSUKE's (Germany) "At The Shore" from their amazing Monotone Spirits album. This is a co-release with Nihilist / Top Quality Rock & Roll (Detroit) due out January 2009.

Note that limited quantities will be stocked here at Nihilist.

New: Sudden Infant, Cables, Tiny Music 2008-10-28
Two new cassettes now available! The debut of Chicago's acoustic darlings Tiny Music and Switzerland's Sudden Infant joining up with Dick Tourette. The Sudden Infant tape also comes with a patch, you have the choice of two designs.
Please specify design A or B when ordering. If you want BOTH, please add $1 to your order.


CABLES debut record can and should be Pre-ordred now. Limited to 100 copies of this collaboration of Raglani & Ortmann. This project focuses on the wonders of modular analog synthesizers, for fans of 60's & 70's era Electronic Music.
More info at the "records" page.

NIHILIST mailorder will be closed from November 6th through November 16th, as I will be in NY working with Nondor Nevai, engineering his new record. We also will be recording a collaborative album and if time permits begin work on Panicsville tracks for forthcoming album.

New Reviews 2008-09-02
Reviews for Oakeater, Panicsville/Irr. App. (Ext.) & Moore/Moore split LPs have just been posted and can be seen here:

Octagonist review 2008-08-30
New review from Bloodties (UK) Photobucket Overall Rating: A Composition: A Sounds: B+ Production Quality: A- Concept: A+ Packaging: A Note: this DVD-Audio disc comes with two playable formats - the first is the intended Surround Sound 7.1 audio. Unfortunately, because I do not have a Surround Sound setup, I am unable to comment on or evaluate the intended experience. The second format is a stereo PCM 16bit 48khz - in other words, uncompressed wav. This is what I will be listening to and reviewing. As if a new Andy Ortmann full length isn't exciting enough (after the eccentric nightmare outbursts of Nightmania), how about a groundbreaking release from Chicago's renowned noise/experimental label, Nihilist? With help from an Art Grant, Andy Ortmann (also prominant member of the avant-garde noise troupe Panicsville) has pushed the limits and taken the sounds of avant-garde music with a 7.1 Surround Sound disc. The only thing I can think of that is similar is the bonus DVD-A disc that came with NON's Children Of The Black Sun - so this is certainly the first of it's kind, being an intended Surround Sound release. It was recorded over the phase of two years at different points around the world. The disc is nicely presented, in a clear jewelcase with an inlay and a booklet with some extremely contrasting photography work: burnt out cars, the intestines of a roadkill, loudspeakers and constructions to name a few. Everything is professionally presented, and you're even greeted with a photo of the man himself with his eyes rolled back when you lift the disc out of the tray. After popping the disc into the DVD player, you have the typical DVD interactive menus, with the 7.1 mix or 3D mix options. An ambient loop and scraping metal collage perfectly sets the context with the image of the rusted out car in the middle of the forest as a background - I haven't even begun listening yet! The middle selection gives you information on the disc - a tracklisting, information on the recordings and a list of equipment used (there's a lot...) Back to the main menu - you chose which format of sound you want to the album listen in, then the track which you want to listen to. Each of the three tracks is also accompanied by an obscure/surreal photograph (a different one depending if you are listening in 7.1 or 3D), like the book. The first track, The Armless Midget Of Tienen, is just over 13 minutes long and is split into four chapters - Feather Contraption, Werewolf Section II, Locomotion and Dome Stomping Party. It begins with a recording of what sounds like rusted metals being scraped and banged together, with some birds quietly singing in the background, before a drone enters and then leaves. It added a lot of atmospherics, but more low-end synth returns soon after, accompanied by some very unitelligable sounds of what sounds like sinister growling or some kind of animal, and drops of murky synth over the top. Considering the type of sounds happening, perhaps I've entered the Werewolf Section II chapter of this track. The amount happening in just two speakers at once is insane and very well produced. Panicsville have always been ones to be heavy on analogue synths, and this recording is no exception, with thick warm drones entering and exiting - I only wish they'd stick around longer. The entire atmosphere drops and is stripped down to a single drone and field recording, so I take it I've entered a new chapter of the track, Locomotion. A very controlled high-pitched drone holds the basis of the mix, whilst listening carefully there are many subtle sounds in the distant background, something that definitely sounds like drilling or road works. This doesn't evolve or change for a while, but remains very interesting to listen to and soak in all the different sounds, textures, and frequencies. To me this reminds me of an extreme observation that silence does not exist - there is always some kind of sound to be heard, even when nothing is happening. A loop of metallic percussion begins, perhaps this is the last part, Dome Stomping Party? It's difficult to tell what chapter of the track you're listening to, due to this being a long piece of sound broken into four sections. Perhaps a more obvious change or an indication of where they begin and end would have been useful, but I suppose this suits the mysterious aesthetic that Ortmann, as well as Panicsville and Nihilist have remained to have over the years. There are still many things happening in the background and everything remains calm and collected, even with the new rhythm that plods through the soundscape. The second track, Electronic Themes, picks up where the last track left off, with a high pitched drone. Rather than just beginning with abrasive scrapes and recordings, I can already tell that this track is going to gradually evolve, as quirky analogue synth tones flutter around the stereo and a very spacey loop is played. Either Andy is using a lot of the same equipment as he did in Panicsville, or he is using an old sound source because I'm recognising other sounds from some Panicsville releases I've heard. Even more synthesis and drones begin to shroud my speakers like a mist. Every now and then old ones leave and new ones exit. Three and a half minutes of synth later, and new sounds begin panning around the speakers, more notably a very nice warm well-rounded drone, giving new life to the mix. One of the things I love about this track is that instead of just tweaking knobs, this feels like a very precise collection of spectrum frequencies, with subtle melodies and rhythms here and there that flow coherantly together. The built up atsmophere is stripped completely, which gives way to escallating loops and a few drones, I suppose I would have prefered the atmosphere to die down rather than be stripped completely, but this whole release has been sporadic and unpredictable, which is obviously part of it's nature. The same plonking sounds from before intertwine with a phased drone that slowly begins to decay over time. A sinister low end synth loop (reminds me of Throbbing Gristle) begins to add some grounds that I felt could have been missing as the synthesis evolution continues. Later on, a surreal resonance begins to pan all round the speakers as the synths begin to get more and more intense. This track finishes off with some extreme phasing (from extreme lows to seering highs) as a pulsating loop flickers in the background before a final crisp drone. Fantastic. Comparing this to the soundscape of bizarre sounds that The Armless Midget Of Tienen was, this track is a 20 minute collection of analogue synth exploration that really hits the spot at the end. I anticipate the third and final piece on this disc due to the past two being completely different - what will this be like? The Flies Were Buzzing Round That Putrid Belly From Which Came Forth Black Battalions Of Maggots suggests to me that it may be more stellar than the last two. It features guest appearances from Joe Raglani, The Skaters and John Wiese. Like the title suggests, this begins with the heavy buzzing of flies, however some very resonant and clear frequencies produced from metal bowls begin to fade from one side of the stereo spectrum to the other, as well as other unitelligable noises. I must say, these recordings are very clear and sharp, and the bass frequencies that those resonant metals give off is fantastic to listen to. Without warning, a sharp piercing drone pierces through the track and a flushing of toilet (yes) and vomit sounds (again, yes) give way to a harsh noise barrage that I wasn't expecting. Very crisp, and precise, this is no doubt the product of John Wiese. His contribution makes this track very intesne, with parts disapearing in different parts of the speaker then reapearring again to attack the listener with sharp blows of feedback. Little cut ups, clips and loops that appear in all different parts of the stereo are a nice addition and shows Ortmann has a serious attention span for detail on this disc. This one's just under 7 minutes long, so the shortest track on the disc - I would have loved this one to have been longer though. In conclusion, I've never heard such a surreal and different combination of sounds. Something different can be found upon every listen, with an extreme sense of detail and composition, whilst introducing various methods of producing a "noise" record. An exceptional use of field recordings, synthesis, and anything else this maniac nutter can get his hands on. I can only imagine how much more intense the audio experience would be in Surround Sound. A fantastic release from a label that started off as absolute DIY - now pressing state-of-the-art "music". Without a doubt a milestone in the Nihilist catalogue.

OUT NOW: Roulade, Last Rape, Nautilus 2008-07-15
Three new cassette releases now available! Michael Roulade massive 10 C-48 box set, Last Rape 3 C-62 retrospective box and The Nautilus Deconstruction (Germany), are all ready to roll. More information and sound samples at the records page.

More Schimpfluch + Ortmann reviews 2008-05-20
Further perspectives from The Netherlands on Schimpfluch Commune & Ortmann - Octafonist discs can be seen here

Scimpfluch + Ortmann Reviews 2008-05-10
The Schimpfluch Commune Int. CD latest review can be found here
Andy Ortmann "Ocfagonist" review can be found here

Octagonist Pre-Order + Panicsville Tour 2008-03-02
The long delayed "Octagonist" Surround Sound DVD-A is now at the plant and will be ready for shipping March 18th. Audio samples and more info at the records page.
Nondor Nevai's cassette was reviewed in the latest issue of Arthur magazine and that review can also be seen at the records page.

Panicsville will be hitting the road with Lovely Little Girls in mid-June heading Easterly. Expect a three piece lineup for this Panicsville tour.

New items will be added to the distribution section from Hospital Prod, Black Horizons and Tanzprocess in a day or so.

Now shipping! + Shows 2008-01-29
The SCHIMPFLUCH COMMUNE INT. CD and IRR. APP. (EXT.)/PANICSVILLE LPs are now shipping. The OAKEATER "Molech" LP will be here later this week (after several delays).
The OAKEATER record release show will be Februaury 9th at Mr. City - 1133 W. Fulton MKT (enter on May, one Bl. E of Racine) CHICAGO 9 PM
They will be playing with LOCRIAN and VELNIAS, links are below
PANICSVILLE will also be playing a record release show on February 29th (yes, leap year!) with the amazing JUSTICE YELDHAM from Australia at Enemy
- 1550 N. Milwaukee, Chicago.
This is PANICSVILLE's first Chicago appearance in ten months, not to be missed!

In other news, PERMANENT MIDNIGHT (a new Power Electronics band comprised of members of Panicsville, Oakeater and Coughs) has just recorded their debut LP "The Power of Aesthetics".
This album should see a Spring '08 release.

Two new Panicsville 7"s 2007-10-10
There are two new Panicsville 7"s out now! First from Turgid Animal (UK)
New Panicsville 7" #1.)
Junk yard pick and scrape from Andy Ortmann and co. Using time, space and mind boggling stereo switching to their advantage; this truly is a bizarre and engaging record! We're honoured to release this I can tell you. Limited to 220 copies on HEAVY black vinyl, slapped on at 33rpm (for extra long psych) with artwork screened by Jelle Crama.
7" #2.)
Released on Ownness (Canada)
Panicsville- My Pain is Kept in a Screwed Shut Wooden Box In A Storage Facility That I Don't Pay The Rent To/The Unstoppable Rise of Aesthetic Perfectionism. These are packaged in full color, double sided sleeves with artwork by Nate Hill. Strictly limited to 100 copies on hot pink vinyl Released October 03, 2007.

Limited quantities of each are available through Nihilist distribution for $13 ppd.

In other news, the Panicsville/Irr. App. (Ext.) LP is at the plant and test pressings are on their way. Release date set for November 6th. (Pre-orders welcome.)

For those wondering...
The O/W debut (Ortmann/Wiese) one sided LP on Rococo is due out this month. This project is quite different from previous collaborations, the difference being that we are using predominately synthesizers in a way that is less "noise" and more composition. These are to be on blue vinyl with laser etched metal jackets in an edition of 200 copies.

Panicsville in Paris 2007-09-21
Panicsville will be making a very rare appearance in Paris on Oct. 3rd, presented by In Famous Carousel. Panicsville will be joined by Hendrik Hegray (Helicoptre Sanglante) and Evil Moisture!
The show is at Point Ephemere, 200 Quai de Valmy, 75010 Paris, and starts at 8:30pm.

NEW ADDRESS, etc. 2007-08-08
Please note that Nihilist has moved and the new mailing address is
1834 W. W. 17th,
Chicago IL 60608

As far as new releases, the OAKEATER LP master is near completion, as they are currently playing this material on a short mini-tour with Everlovely Lightning Heart (who they share a new split CD with on Hydra Head). We should see a late Summer 07 release for the OAKEATER LP.

I've been informed that at least half of the forthcoming split LP of RAGLANI / WORKBENCH is also completed. I am looking towards Autumn 07 for the release date.
After things settle down from the big move work will promptly begin on the PANICSVILLE / Irr. App. (Ext.) split LP and ANDY ORTMANN "Octagonist" surround sound CD.

Due to an unforgiving postal system, we regret that shipping rates have gone up. Please add $1.00 to all orders of 1-2 items ($4 internationallly) $2.00 for 3-6 items ($6 internationally). Please e-mail for quote on larger orders.

New Panicsville records 2007-06-13
The long overdue Panicsville + Prurient collaboration 8" record has finally been released this week on Rococo records.
Speaking of the illustrious Rococo Records label, the much talked about Panicsville 13" LP, "A Dragonfly For Each Corpse" will positively be released in the coming months! Expect seriously sick packaging for this unique album.

UPDATES!! The John Wiese/Kevin Drumm collabroation LP is rumoured to being "nearly completed", as we patiently wait, I'm hoping for a summer release date, as I also do with the Irr.App.(ext.)/Panicsville split LP. The six years in the works, Evil Moisture/Panicsville collaborative LP is slated for a Fall 2007 release.

I will be doing a modest sound installation for the Complicated Horse Emergency art happening on June 22, in Chicago (32nd & Morgan), maybe a few photographs as well. It seems that I've agreed to a few new projects the past couple weeks, they involve a soundtrack for a new film by Usama Alsaibi, entitled "Fleshtone Genesis" (the imagery is utterly warped).
I have agreed to a follow-up to the forthcoming "Provocative Electronics" LP (PAN, UK), with a full length of continuued electronic synthesizer music to be titled "Psychedelic Electronics" on the ever blooming Blossoming Noise label. This week it was agreed by a select few that Andy Ortmann and John Wiese will begin work on an as of this moment yet to be titled one sided LP to be released on Rococo Records! This being the final installment to Rococo's ultra-limited one sided LP series.
It seems that I will be working on a new collaborative 7" with Ulf of Germany's Aosuke, for some all out analog synthesizer summoning.
I've completed a couple Sissy Spacek remixes for an upcoming SS album. Talkin bout re-mix action, I have been invited onboard for an upcoming To Live And Shave In LA remix album, sourcing from the last CD on Blossoming Noise.

SHOWS: Panicsville will be playing on July 28th in Lansing MI in the basement of a Mexican restaurant with Andrew W.K. and Wolf Eyes. This will be the Ortmann, Sher, Fisher lineup.
That's it for now...

Moore/Moore release date 2007-05-01
The much anticipated MOORE/MOORE split LP will hit the streets mid May (I should have copies of this for No Fun Fest), at the same time, new cassette releases are to be announced for Michael Roulade, Anti-Ear, Shattered Hymen, Beau Wanzer, Nondor Nevai and an ultra-rare Panicsville cassette!

In other news, the new Andy Ortmann LP (Provocative Electronics) is to be released on Bill Kouligas' (Sudden Infant, Family Battle Snake) label mid June 2007. This album focuses my obsession with 60's-70's style of electronic music. There are a wide array of analog and modular synthesizers used on this record (for fans of the Creel Pone label, etc.)
I am very excited to announce that this week, I received notification that I was awarded a grant for a forthcoming solo CD. This will be a full on "Surround Sound" CD, tentatively titled, "Octagonist" due out early Fall 2007.
I have also just completed a remix for the upcoming AOSUKE (Germany) 7", all parties are quite pleased with the results!

The Panicsville/Prurient collaboration 8" record will be released late May 2007 from Rococo records. These will be on red vinyl in an edition of 300 copies!
See for more information.
Two Panicsville 7"s will be hitting the streets early Summer 2007 (both of which feature the latest addition of the talented Seth Sher, of Oakeater, Coughs).
First from Turgid Animal (UK), Panicsville forges "New Directions in Creative Nihilism" and secondly from Canadian label Ownness. The latter will feature sculpture images from New York artist Nate Hill. For more info/images of Nate Hill's work:
Lastly, I will be in New York for No Fun Fest 2007, specifically DJing Saturday the 19th with Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Sickness, Slogun, Demons, etc.
Stalk soon,

Costes Making Waves in Rapid City, Iowa! 2007-03-13

Needless to say, the Chicago show went off without a problem! Turned into an awesome party! Thanks to everyone who came out!

Here's an article about Costes being shut down mid-performance in Rapid City, Iowa.... Dahl shuts down grotesque art-punk duo By Scott Aust, Journal staff RAPID CITY --Two French performance artists’ nudity, simulated violence and sex acts, and use of faux-urine and feces, shocked the crowd and even the promoter at Dahl Arts Center on Wednesday. After stripping off their grubby clothes, the pair gobbled potato chips and spit them on the crowd, vomited into a filthy commode and threw around fake feces and urine before being shut down about a half hour into what was to be a 45-minute performance. Costes, a French performance art duo consisting of one 50-something man, Jean-Louis Costes, and a 20-something woman, Lisou Prout, were the fourth act of five scheduled to perform Wednesday at the Dahl. The act consisted of choreography, singing, spoken word and acting set to a prerecorded soundtrack of loud music, noise and discordant sounds. It was all in French, but people who saw it said it was basically a depiction of American life from birth to death, portrayed in the most extreme way possible. There were also plenty of “props.” The last straw, apparently, was a simulated sex act involving a carrot. Audience member Ben Lemay said he can safely say he has never seen anything like it in Rapid City, or anyplace in the Midwest for that matter. “It was pretty much a show centered on shock value,” he said. Lemay said the symbolism was blatant and not difficult to miss as the duo tackled subjects such as drug addiction, sex, abortion, war and suicide -- essentially, the darker side of life. “For me, I think they got their point across, but I think for most people, they were either completely shocked or disgusted,” he said. “You didn’t have to search that hard for what they were trying to get across. But a lot of people were just too shocked to even go into that.” Promoter Kevin Dorsman, who rented the Dahl for the performance, knew little about the group before it performed and was apologetic about the performance. “I was told they were performance artists from France and were highly recommended; I think I was told wrong,” he said. “I was a bit taken aback and blindsided.” Dorsman said he basically found a space for Costes to perform as part of Wednesday’s show featuring four other bands at the recommendation of a friend from Minneapolis. It wasn’t long after Costes started that Dorsman realized he needed to pull the plug. He told the soundman to stop the music. “I’m still kind of in shock, so to speak,” he said. “It was hands down, the craziest, most insane thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and I have to applaud them. But at the same time, I’m very upset that I was not informed about the nature of it.” On an artistic level, it was very well done as performance art, but it was much too extreme for Rapid City, Dorsman said. It obviously needed to be shut down, but Dorsman said he still respects the artist. “From what I understand now, we’re talking 30 years of performance art that this gentleman, Jean-Louis, has been doing. Great guy. Very intense, very dedicated to his art form. However, I don’t think Rapid City is quite ready for it.” Officials of the Dahl said Thursday it was not a Rapid City Arts Council event, and the performance was stopped by the people renting the room. “My understanding is nobody had any idea and these two performers just decided to drop their drawers or whatever,” said Barb Evenson, who handles rentals for the Dahl. “They (the promoters) weren’t hoping to have this happen, they were completely blindsided. As far as I know, everyone involved was just blindsided by it.” Linda Anderson, executive director of the Dahl, said the facility is rented to hundreds of groups each year and she had no reason to expect this rental would be any different than others. “If the promoter hadn’t stepped in, the Arts Council certainly would have. We’ll certainly be looking at how we can avoid this (in the future),” she said. “We certainly don’t condone anything like this and would never knowingly allow it to happen.” However, she said the Dahl is a public building and people can rent it, though she noted that there are certain things you don’t think you need to ask when you rent to people. Dorsman wanted to make it clear that the Dahl had absolutely nothing to do with bringing in the group and should not be criticized for what happened. He also intends to do more research on bands or groups in the future before letting them be part of the show. “I did not expect this. I did not want this,” he said. For photos of the scene at the Dahl Wednesday night—those that are printable, even online, and comments left by others who were there, go to the Journal’s music blog at

COSTES Chicago details 2007-03-07
The Costes show will take place Sunday, March 11th, at 3219 S.Morgan (in Pilsen) at 8pm. Cost is $10
Opening bands are Mr.Natural, Panicsville & Cock E.S.P.
Bring lots of money to buy a bunch of Costes videos & CDs to make your mom proud.

Schimpfluch Boxset is SOLD OUT 2007-01-31
The Schimpfluch Commune Int. box set is SOLD OUT. Limited quantities were sent to the following distros: RRR, Freek Animal, Tochnit Aleph.

Nihil 46 Power Circus/M.O.A.C. will be shipping Feb.5, 2007. See "Records" page for more info.

Nihil 47 PRE-ORDER ANNOUNCEMENT Graham Moore/Thurston Moore split LP Head honcho of the splendid Blossoming Noise label (and latest addition to To Live & Shave in LA) teams up with head honcho of the venerable Ecstatic Peace label (also of the band Sonic Youth) for an all out noise attack! Pro-pressed covers, 140 gram marbled color vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. $15 (International orders are $25)

Nihil 50 update & 2007 schedule 2007-01-27
For those of you who have been patiently waiting for the release of SCHIMPFLUCH-COMMUNE INT. boxset, I am happy to say it will ship next week! I should have MP3 samples up shortly.
In addition, the split M.O.A.C./Power Circus cassette should be available by the end of next week for order.

Graham Moore/Thurston Moore split LP
irr. app. (ext.)/Panicsville split LP
Kevin Drumm/John Wiese collaborative LP
Andy Ortmann Cocksucker c60
Nora Keyes "Sleep" CD
Madame P cassette
Evil Moisture/Panicsville collaborative LP

Nihil 50 Pre-order announcement! 2006-12-11
I am always ecstatic to announce new sickness, and this is certainly the show stopper!
Nihil 50 Schimpfluch Box Sudden Infant C-28 Dave Phillips C-34 Rudolf CD These are new unreleased recordings from Joke & Dave. These are remixed along with new material by Rudlof These are packaged in a vinyl case with inserts & full color cover painting by Rudolf Limited to 100 copies only! This release will ship January '07. $32
Outside USA $40
paypal to
These are moving super fast, FYI...

I've also added a new page to the website, AUDIO MASTERING. Offering a variety of services from mastering to sound design, feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

New releases + new interviews 2006-11-29
At long last "Notes of Obscure Origin" by the venerable MLEHST is now available! We are also taking orders for REBECCA HOWELL "The Modern Body" and BERNARD MOTHSTAL "Kald Kvelt" cassettes (see "records" page for full details).
For a detailed look as to what has been going on with Nihilist, Panicsville & Andy Ortmann in general go to the following links. Find out who just got signed, what Andy thinks about art and maybe even his favorite thing to do on the first date...

UK tour + new releases 2006-09-19
Panicsville in the streets of London! We're heading to the No Trend festival in November, to be playing alongside Ramleh, Consumer Electronics, Smell & Quim, Evil Moisture, Sudden Infant, Sutcliffe Jugend, Small Cruel Party, Mlehst, etc... other dates on this tour will be with Hard Line Elephants (Carlo the maniac's band from Antwerp Belgium + Audiobot fame!). Speaking of Mlehst, Nihilist is proud to announce that the Mlehst LP "Notes of Obscure Origin" is also due out in November! This was recorded in 1996 and is only now seeing the light of day, well worth the wait. A dark & menacing brute, this one. Also in production is the Irr.App.(ext.)/Panicsville split LP. Mr.Waldron's side is complete, the art is Fantastic & is sure to amaze! Truly weird & beautiful. Some other upcoming releases include PRURIENT "Starvation" 7" (this is a reissue from the long out of print cassette on Hospital). Kevin Drumm/John Wiese collaborative LP (this is recorded & we're awaiting the master). Be sure to check the "Distro" page! It's chalk full of brand spankin' new ear bleeders & eye gougers (too many to mention here... Lots of great stuff though!) OK, til next time...

Ortmann/Wiese CD & more... 2006-06-06
OK summer's here & we're having some fun now... Wiese was just here at Nihilist this weekend, which was awesome! While in town he recorded with Kevin Drumm for their upcoming collaboration LP (out on Nihilist this Fall) which is sure to be a devastating album indeed! Not to mention hanging out with the Rococo label heads was also awesome (happy B-day Nicole!)... The show at the Empty Bottle with Spykes, Wiese, Bloodyminded & Behold! The Living Corpse ruled, thanks to all who made it happen. With that said, now available is Nihil 39, Andy Ortmann/John Wiese "recorder out of tune" CD (see the "records" page to order). Also out as of today on the IDES label, PANICSVILLE "psychosexual" C-40. All sounds heard were generated by the EML 200/301 beastly, hybrid-modular analog synthesizer!!! To order go to

Distro Update 2006-04-24
Lots of new stuff in the distribution section (with lots more coming!!) New stuff from Israel, Finland, USA, France & Germany. New Irr.App.(ext), Daniel Menche, John Wiese, Merzbow, Satanic Warmaster, etc...

Panicsville Euro-Tourture 2006-03-31
I am very pleased to announce the Panicsville Euro-tour. Below are the dates & countries. Joining Panicsville this time around is VIKI & Magic is Kuntface! Would love to see you if you can make any of these shows. May 5 play in Brussels (Nimuzikfest at Grimas Community Center) May 6 play Paris France (Sonic Protest Festival) May 7 Sonic Protest (we'll hang & see Hair Police, Prurient, Skaters) May 8 Paris w/Costes (this is not yet confirmed) May 9 play in Rome, Italy ( May 10 Bologna Italy (Atlantide Occupata) May 11 Italy (off) May 12 Bologna Italy (off) May 13 play in Ulm Germany May 14 play in Saarlouis Germany ( May 15 off in Germany May 16 play Hannover Germany (at Kulturpalast) May 17 play in The Netherlands (waiting on venue confirmation) May 18 play in Antwerp Belgium May 19 Return to USA

Panicsville Radio Interview 2006-03-25
Below are links to The Collective Voice, where I was interviewed for a special on Panicsville by Rory Hinchey. Check it out for answered questions and unveiled secrets. Thursday, March 23 at 11:59 PM (St. John's NL, NST) on CHMR-FM 93.5 - Live streaming media feeds here: Friday, March 24 at 3:00 AM (Halifax NS, AST) on CKDU-FM 97.5 - Live streaming media feeds here: Friday, March 24 at 10:00 PM (Antigonish NS, AST) on CFXU-FM 92.5 - Live streaming media feeds here: Friday, March 24 at 11:59 PM (Sackville NB, AST) on CHMA-FM 106.9 - Live streaming media feeds here: Monday, March 27 at 9:00 PM (Drifltess WI, CST) on Radio Driftless - Live streaming media feeds here: Tuesday, March 28 at 11:59 PM (Burnaby BC, PST) on CJSF-FM 90.1 - Live streaming media feeds here: The Collective Voice Podcast in downloadable .mp3 format will be posted to on Saturday, March 25, 2006.

Nihil 35/38 & Tour-de-force 2006-03-13
Out now, Nihil 35 Mammal "repulsion" and Tamion 12"/MAGAS split (see records page). Plus Panicsville will be touring this week with SIXES and Pod Blotz. Show info below. Please stop by if you can! Guaranteed PARTY. 03/15/2006 08:00 PM - 35 Plum St 35 Plum st, New Brunswick, NJ 08901,US - In no particular order: SIXES, Panicsville, Child Abuse, Bloodyminded, Pod Blotz, 2673 Be there dammit! Show is gonna rule! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/16/2006 08:00 PM - Big Pink House 1423 South 4th Street, Philadelphia , PA ,US - Playing with POD BLOTZ (Oakland CA, member of Caroliner Rainbow), SIXES (ex-CRASH WORSHIP) Total evil electronic organ cuts! And PANICSVILLE, analog death worship = easy listening from the 9th circle of New Jersey/Chicago. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/19/2006 12:00 PM - Rubalad 336 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201,US - Something to do before NO FUN SUNDAY!??!?! NOISE PANCAKES (east coast) -Loachfillet/Joseph Hammer/Gourdsomethingoranother -Spider Compass Good Crime Band -Anti-Ear -Sharkiface -Panicsville/Power Circus Noon-2pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/20/2006 08:30 PM - Flywheel, Northampton, MA 01060,US - SIXES, Pod Blotz, Panicsville, Chris Cooper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/21/2006 09:00 PM - Hilarious Attic Providence, RI 02901,US - SIXES, POD BLOTZ, PANICSVILLE, SAMHAWK

New releases, Radio & Shows 2006-02-20
Out now! Nihil 37 ROXANNE JEAN POLISE - "let's chase euphoria up your arm" C-20 Highest quality chrome cassette Limited to 50 copies. $8 Latest works from RJP, now resident of the windy city. No bullshit here! Dark exploration of dark personal matters. Sounds here are blends of guitar, heavily processed, along with even heavier who knows what... (brings to mind most extreme guitar spaces of MEDICINE/MY BLOODY VALENTINE). Brooding & beautiful tones create overall unparallelled work current in the "noise scene". Recommended for deep meditation and mental probing sessions. Packaged in hand sewn, neon/nylon pouches; black cassettes hand engraved/numbered. Nihil 36 Black Leather Jesus/Werewolf Jerusalem C-20 $7.50 (about 8 copies left...) I am super stoked to be a part of the WFMU staff! After an 11 year hiatus, I am back! My show is called The Eternal Now, and my first three shows can be downloaded at the website ( After taking over 2 months off, there are two Panicsville shows slated for March. First at The Hook, in New York on March 11th with Flaming Fire, Dust Dive, Magic is Kuntmaster and I will ALSO be playing with Bliss Blood doing a set of CULTURCIDE covers!?!? The second show is the same week, March 15th with Bloodyminded, SIXES, Pod Blatz, 2673, and Child Abuse (address is 35 Plum st. New Brunswick NJ 08901). And finally, the long overdue PANICSVILLE Euro-Tourture is being scheduled for May 2006. Along for this tour is VIKI and Magic is Kuntmaster. We will be hitting Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands. Hope to meet some new people & see some old friends this time around!

Nihil 33/34/35 & PANICSVILLE EURO-TOUR 2006-01-28
Shipping Tuesday Jan.31 (nihil 33) FIRE IN THE HEAD - Come closer cut deeper CD (nihil 34) THE BROKEN PENIS ORCHESTRA - testicle difficulties LP Sometime in February: MAMMAL - repulsion C-20 As far as news, EURO-TOURTURE 2006 PANCISVILLE, VIKI, MAGIC IS KUNTMASTER VIKI (from Detroit, as heard on the Masters of the Scene CD) as well as Magic... (Foamula, also on the Masters.. CD) are joining Panicsville on a serious stomp through Europe in May. More details as they solidify. And last but not least. After an 11 year hiatus, I'm back on the radio! WFMU 91.1 FM Jersey City!!!!!!!!! Sunday night January 29 3am-6am Eastern time zone. You can get it online at And for those of you who don't want stay up late... shows will be archived for later download. Now you know. feel free to send requests to

New address & Nihil 32 2005-12-02
Nihilist has moved, please refer to contact page. A new review for Panicsville's "Perverse" CD can be seen here: New items in distribution including John Wiese "spectral hands" 7" The Broken Penis Orchestra "organ failure" 7" & more. The Spires That in the Sunset Rise /Panicsville split 7" is out now & moving fast, about half the pressing is left. Panicsville has just finished "Human Host" which is to be released on Hung Like a Horse as a split C-60 with Oubliette. Tracks include "Pregnant at Birth" and "Vomit Pit". Release date to be announced.

Fall Update 2005-09-29
Back from the scenic West Coast and damages outweighed loss, or something to that effect. Panicsville also performed at the MCA in Chicago this past weekend which was interesting but not quite as devastating as it really could have been, thanks to the gun for hire soundperson manning the board. In other live news Oct.3 at the Empty Bottle with 16 BItch Pileup, Sixes, Gays in the Military, Bloodyminded & Vertonen. This is a free show so no excuses! And last but not least, Nihilist is packing up & heading east (November), specifically to New Jersey. Some of you may think this an odd chioice... perhaps it is, and to say goodbye, a farewell show is confirmed also at the Empty Bottle, Nov.5th with Josephine Foster, Chris Connelly, Andy Ortmann and Whitehouse. This is sure to bring a mixed audience which will not soon forget this night.

PANICSVILLE Live Update 2005-07-08
After a long seclusion from public appearances (last seen vomiting up a storm at No Fun fest in New York), Panicsville rears its ugly head once again. August 24 at ENEMY (1550 N.Milwaukee 3rd fl, chicago) along with Bloodyminded, Aids Wolf, Carlos Giffoni & Prescott Winthorpe Sims. After a well deserved break, Panicsville storms the Empty Bottle stage Aug.26 with Vertonen, TV Pow & others TBA. These compulsory exercises are preparation for the highly anticipated WOODEN OCTOPUS SKULL PFEST in Seattle WA Sept.8-11, where we will perform alongside such acts as Irr.App.(ext), The Broken Penis Orchestra, John Wiese, Black Humour, Caroliner Rainbow, Emil Beaulieau, Smegma, The Haters, etc. Then Panicsville is off to Portland OR Sept.12, San Francisco Sept.14 & Oakland CA Sept.15. There will be more details for Tourture 2005 as they arrive!

Nihil 32/33 update 2005-06-02
There is a slight delay with (nihil 32), Spires That in the Sunset Rise/Panicsville split 7", as Josephine Foster (special guest vocalist) wants to re-record her vocals. Hopefully this will happen mid-June, then off to the plant! The artwork for (nihil 33) FIRE IN THE HEAD's CD is pending, we are very close on this one, will be well worth the wait!

The Latest 2005-05-24
Some super sick sounds in the works in the coming months. Totally excited to announce the most brutal contemporary harsh hostile electronics of FIRE IN THE HEAD! This USA based project absolutely annhiliated me with this CD "Come Closer, Cut Deeper". We expect a September release date on this masterpiece. To sink your teeth in see: On an equally yet more hallucinatory level, THE BROKEN PENIS ORCHESTRA will have a new LP out on Nihilist this Fall as well, surely to leave minds as sloshing melted messes across the globule. Check their 3" "Oral Copulation" from Psychochrist. In other news, the Irr.App (ext)/ Panicsville split LP is underway and will certainly deliver. More, probably sooner than....

NIHIL 26 & 31 NOW AVAILABLE 2005-04-25
Just back from the plant are these excellent new titles, Delores Dewberry/Origami Genitalia split CD as well as We Would Be Happy (a noise opera). Both titles can be ordered for $16 pst pd, or each for $10. For more info on each see the records page. All copies of the DD/OG disc are autographed by the artists, making each one personal! Also, the 2nd pressing of the Runzelstock LP is in & available in quantity of 200 copies on black vinyl. More to come...

MARCH UPDATE 2005-03-10
For those of you who have placed orders, they are being shipped this week! We are still waiting on the Delores Dewberry/Origami Genitalia CD as well as the We Would Be Happy (Noise Opera CD) see the records page for more info. As of March 1, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock LP is $18 per copy (nearly sold out!) A couple of shows worth a mention are March 12 w/Panicsville, Bloodyminded, Hair Police, Dead Machines & Right Arm Severed. Then a week later Panicsville will be in Neew York for the No Fun fest (Sat. MArch 19) along with Prurient, Whitehouse & many other great acts! See for more info & get your copies of PRURIENT & RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK to get you in the mood. The distro page is long overdue for an overhaul, you should see these changes sometime next week, many awesome new titles.... that's all for now.

NOW ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS... PRURIENT - THE BARON'S CHAMBER CD (nihil 28) Ultra-skin ripper, hooks deep in flesh, the mask is on tight, you can't breathe. AIDS era $10 Dominick's sexiest album to date. ANDY ORTMANN - NIGHTMANIA CD (nihil 27) A series of 6 new drawings, with accompanying soundtracks. Dark abstractions melding nightmare stuff with deep-noise-scape-concrete. Sicknesses ooze from infected wombs, the sounds of extra limbs! $10 PANICSVILLE/LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS 7" (nihil 29) ed.400 marbled vinyl Voodoo slaughter ritual turns psyche freakout with electronic explosions by Panicsville. LLG are not unlikened with the one Greg Jacobson (See sceamers/PIL/nervous genderish. Multi-color silk-screened covers, art by Greg Jacobson. $5 RUNZELSTIRN & GURGELSTOCK'S - RUNZELSTOCK & GURGELSTIRN LP (NIHIL 30) If this record doesn't prove that Rudolf is the greatest noise/ artist in the world today, nothing will. The most defined & evolved work yet, strong sexual content, a masterpiece! Cover painting by Rudolf, on heavy marbled vinyl. $13 Undetermined Ed. MAGIC IS KüNTMASTER - VIRGIN GHOST CD (nihil 31) $9 Second full length release by this ex My Name is Rar Rar vocalist. Deep aggression focused into electronic mayhem! Multi-layered demon-vox (early Diamanda), tapes warble, waves of electricity rain down & solidify your sockets. Guaranteed bad trip soundtrack! Also features mythic-gore video by Usama Alshaibi, audio by Küntmaster. Housed in totally handmade screened packaging by Küntmaster. Still available: Panicsville-sterile Enhanced CD $10 ABBA tribute CD: Evil Moisture, Sudden Infant, Acid MOthers, etc $8 B-52's 2CD set:Metalux,Govt.Alpha,Commode Minstrels in Bullface, K2, Cock ESP, John Wiese, Harvey Sid Fisher, etc. $11 COSTES-HUNG BY THE DICK CD $8 Rare recordings from '93, 30 tracks PAYPAL TO: snails TO: 2255 S.Michigan 4E, Chicago IL 60616 (checks to Andy Ortmann)

Halloween Stuffs 2004-09-28
Expect some costumed noise performances at Camp Gay, October 30th (2001 N.Point in Chicago) from Panicsville, Vertonen, Tan As Fuck, White Devil (chicago premier) & Mammal. New releases from Nihilist include A.M. Salad CD (co released with sunship & friends) is a solo batch of collage-noise pieces by Algebrassiere dude. Another co-release is the Dolores Dewberry /Origami Genitalia split CD. Dolores can also be heard on the Extreme Music From Women compilation (susan lawly). The mysterious O.G. cook up sexy noise compositions to watch girls by. Both titles should be available Nov.21 (accepting pre-orders now).

The new Enhanced-CD "Perverse" will be available later in April as is the longoverdue CONTRADICTION cd. A spark of controversey surrounding the film on Perverse (by Usama Alshaibi) has caused a setback in the manufacturing process. This same film will be featured in a festival sponsored by TIME-WARNER in North Carolina this month, so go figure... On a lighter note, I have been awarded a grant for the 2004 year(by the City of Chicago), which will go to produce a book of my drawings with an accompanying soundtrack CD. This project should be available in September of 2004.

News & Updates 2004-02-13
A busy month indeed! First off, Panicsville will be interviewed in the March 04 issue of Skyscraper (NY), this is as exciting as it will be revealing (not unlike stalking). The next live Panicsville appearance is set for March 22, at First Base (basement of TX Ballroom, 3012 S.Archer, chicago) with Ground Monkeys, Black Coitus Family & Mr.California. Speaking of Mr.CA, we will be working on a collaborative record while he is in town (actually, it's already begun)... It's collaboration city here at Nihilist after the overwhelming success of Cocksville; later this year expect a full-on album of John Wiese/Andy Ortmann, plus a 3-way (sick!?) between Evil Moisture, Panicsville, Pink Cloud. The big one (for me anyway) will be a full LP by Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock!! This can be expected to be nothing short of genius. That's all for now, happy VD...everyone.

Upcoming Shows & CD Release 2003-12-10
Panicsville debuts in Madision, WI on Jan.3 2004 at the Nottingham Co-op and on Jan.11 2004 in Chicago for the Z Film Festival. E-mail for details. Panicsville is in the midst of forging their newest album entitled "Perverse" which will be released February 2004 on the LDR/HPR label. An exclusive video by Usama Alshaibi is to be featured on the album as well. The sickest yet!!!
Click for more information

February will also yield the long awaited, highly anticipated CONTRADICTION CD, out on Breathmint. The power electronics genre has been re-defined by this band. Several singles have already been manufactured (and destroyed) by this uncompromising act! Comprised of Weasel Walter (The Flying Luttenbachers, XBXRX, Curse of the Birthmark, etc.) and Andy Ortfaggot (Panicsville, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Absorb) CONTRADICTION makes no apologies for their emotional brand of severe electronic music. Up until now only a lucky few have even been able to hear the ultra-obscure CONTRADICTION sound. Special guest Kevin Drumm puts his two cents in on one track.
See for details and updates.

In-depth Interview 2003-08-15
Read the in-depth
Panicsville, someone finally cares about me, sort of! interview
in the Chicago Reader!!

Tours, Albums, Movies & More 2003-07-28
Much has been happening! So here we go....

Panicsville will be touring the great northeast from Sept. 5th-21st in support of the 3 newest releases. The now sold out Stabbed in the Face split LP with Wolf Eyes, Imperfection of the Organism LP (release date Aug.15 from SNSE and Sterile CD-rom. Sterile is the sister album to Imperfection, a view of electronic-paranoia from a hospital bed. This compact disc proudly features a new Panicsville video by talented Chicago film maker, Usama Alshaibi. Sterile was funded by a grant from the City of Chicago Arts program. Contributing artists on this album include Maria Moran (Zipperspy) & John Coker (ex-Fruitcake) and will be, in the tradition of Panicsville CDs, specially packaged.

Speaking of Usama, myself & Camilla Ha (Foamula, Magic is Küntamster) have just finished the soundtrack to Muhammad & Jane, Usama's new film which will debut at CUFF (Chicago Underground Film Festival) Aug. 30th, 6:45 pm at the Landmark Theater in Chicago. A riverting film complimented by a necessarily dark & brooding soundtrack.

August 16th, a not-to-miss show! Wolf Eyes, Hair Police, Panicsville, Mammal, Viki & the final Chicago Sound performance, all at the Empty Bottle in Chicago!!! It's really a party for Mike Conelly & his lovely wife's wedding party.

PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SOUND: Debut LP "Flashing Open" out now on Eclipse records.

Sleaze Z Film Festival 2003-05-17
Panicsville can next be seen at the Sleaze Z film festival, June 14th in Chicago.
Guaranteed to gross out, disgust & amaze with an onslaught of sleazy film & video.

Also on the bill are Foamula (members of Metalux/Magic is Küntmaster) and Candy Shuntz (Lovely Little Girls). At Heaven gallery, 1550 N.Milwaukee in scenic Wicker Park.

Patty Duke Fanzine with dbl 7" 2003-04-14
Out now on Top Quality Rock & Roll is the new Patty Duke Fanzine with dbl 7". More in depth information & articles on Patty, plus exclusive tracks by Panicsville, Mark Robinson (Teen Beat/Unrest), Delta Waves, Frankie & the S.E.M.M & more!


Nihilist News Spring 2003 2003-04-02

:: Welcome to the new Nihilist website. Finally up after years of seclusion and underground activity. ::

Panicsville appears on WZRD (April 10) in Chicago to plug the April 17th show at the Fireside Bowl in Chicago with Caroliner Rainbow Brain Tool Imbued With Rust & Mold, Wolf Eyes, and Pod Blatz. The following night (Friday, April 18th) is the Plastic Crimewave Sound record release show for our 1st 7” record. We will be playing at the Hideout in Chicago with Pelican. A tentative show May 17th with Houston’s Rotten Piece is in the works in Chicago.

Valentines Day 2003 saw the release of the long delayed Andy Ortmann/John Wiese “fanclub” 8” square lathe cut record. This was in an edition of 50 copies, half of which were lost in the mail. A co-release between GAMEBOY & Pegasus Farms.

Very close to being released is, Masters of the Scene the ABBA tribute! Five long years in the making will finally see the light of day. Featuring the talents of Canned Hamm, Evil Moisture, Sudden Infant, Plastic Crimewave Sound, Kazumoto Endo, Guilty Connector, Sockeye, Spider Compass Good Crime Band, Gunshop, Absorb, Irr.App.(ext.), VIKI and many more! Release date: May 31, 2003.

Also in the works for over a year is Stabbed in the Face! The Wolf Eyes/Panicsville split LP. This is a 6 way release between SNSE, Ignivomous, Up Jumps the Devil, Vegalia, Muet and Nihilist, and is to be pressed on 140 gram marbled vinyl. More information on this as details unfold. Release date: June 1, 2003.

Panicsville will be heard (In the Flesh) on the upcoming Pink Floyd tribute on TV5 records from Norway along with KK Null, Third Organ etc. The covers keep coming as the new issue of the Patty Duke Fanzine will be out this spring with a double marbled vinyl 7” set featuring Panicsville doing My Own Little Place. Panicville can be heard on the critically acclaimed Nihilist Spasm Band tribute No Tribute along with Wolf Eyes, BAKU, V/VM, Smell & Quim, Glands of External Secretion, Hijokaidan and Cock ESP. Speaking of Cock ESP, late 2003 will see the birth of the collaborative LP with Panicsville & Cock ESP, entitled Last Train to Cocksville on V/VM’s Test Records, (UK).

Future releases for 2003 include a new LP by Panicsville on Detroit’s SNSE label (Mammal, VIKI). Box Media will produce Andy Ortmann’s first solo CD “A Touch of Andy Ortmann”.

The teen fashion magazine from NY JANE, featured an article (pg.48) on mid west noise with Panicsville, Neon Hunk & Magic is Küntmaster. This is the Feb. 2003 issue.